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Aireman Filtration Systems

Simply replace your 1" disposable air filter with the high efficiency Wingman1 and plug it in!

Replacement air filter pads are delivered on a schedule you choose.
No more trips to the hardware store!

Choose The Electronic Air Filter That Best Fits Your Needs

The use of technology made it possible for the Wingman1 to be the overall most efficient 1” filter available. Our 1” electronic air filter offers superior air flow while capturing harmful indoor air particles. The Wingman1 is an electronic air filter that can easily be installed by a homeowner without any expensive wiring or duct modification. Simply replace your 1” disposable filter with the high efficiency Wingman1 and plug it in!
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Aireman Filtration - Wingman1 Videos

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Aireman Filtration Systems

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Changing The Filter Pads in Your Wingman1 Electronic Air Filter

Why You Need Better Indoor Air Filtration

Aireman Filtration Systems

Air Filtering Technology


Fiberglass is an electrical insulator (dielectric) that can be polarized by an electric field. When a dielectric is placed in an electric field, electric charges shift from their normal positions causing dielectric polarization.

Our Air Filter Systems


The Aireman Filtration System consists of a sturdy, hinged aluminum frame. This frame supports two epoxy powder coated aluminum screens. Inside are two special fiber collector pads, with a central aluminum screen separating the collector pads.



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