We all know the importance of having clean air in our lives. From our homes to our cars, we all want to know we are breathing as clean a supply of air as we possibly can.

A surprisingly large amount of us, however, tend to not think about the quality of air in our workplace. Think about it: can you now, off the top of your head, say if the air quality at your work is treated as important? Probably not.

For something many of us don’t spend time thinking about, maintaining a supply of clean air in the workplace can have a marked impact on the comfort, health and productivity of employees.

Here are some of the biggest ways clean air can have an impact in your workplace:


Improves comfort levels

 Although it may not at first seem important, ensuring that your workplace has clean air can have a vast impact on the comfort levels of your employees. Stale air, odours, and unpleasant temperatures can all lead to feelings of discomfort in employees. An office environment, with many people in one place can easily feel cramped, hot and stuffy.

Clean air can help alleviate this and leave the office feeling crisp and clean, which can improve the comfort levels of employees, leaving them more able to focus on their work.


Improves mood and productivity

Studies have shown that being exposed to a clean supply of air has been proven to have an impact on a person’s overall mood, making them feel happier and healthier overall. More than this, being exposed to low quality air has been proven to have a detrimental impact on critical thinking and decision making.

Making sure employees are working in an environment with a supply of high quality air means that employees will be happier and better workers. In fact, studies have shown that productivity can be improved by up to 10% if the quality of air is maintained.


Benefits overall health

Making sure that the workplace has a supply of clean air means that there will be a drastic reduction in the number of allergens and pollutants employees are breathing in. So, employees who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, such as asthma, are less likely to present symptoms at work, saving them discomfort and pain.  

A cleaner supply of air in the workplace can lead to a reduction in communicable diseases like the common cold or flu, by removing these pollutants from the air before they can spread to everyone in the office. This can help to alleviate those periods where it seems everyone in the office falls ill at the same time.

 Not to mention that many of the complaints associated with poor air quality present in a way that mimics the symptoms of the flu and the common cold. Headaches, fatigue, and irritated eyes, nose and throat are just some of the symptoms associated with low air quality.

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