Holiday Cheer Is In The Air—And It’s Ruining Your Health

The air quality inside your home can potentially be worse than what’s outside—especially over the holiday seasons. In the winter seasons, the use of your heating and ventilation equipment is greatly increased causing more dust and pollutions to circulate the home. Not to mention, in colder seasons windows are mainly kept shut worsening ventilation even further. At least during the warmer months, windows can be occasionally opened for natural aeration of the home.  Regardless of the season, here are some surprising irritant-causing factors that you’ve been bringing indoors without even realizing it:

  1. Got a sniffle? Could be Mr. Tibbles! The obvious, but not so obvious. Apart from the fur allergies and natural dander they can stir up, pets are also known for bringing in outside irritants that can stick to their coat and end up all over your furniture. Moreover, it is important to use a high efficiency filter that can capture these irritants and not continuously recirculate them throughout your home. You can minimize this irritant factor by brushing your pet’s fur and occasionally bathing them. Additionally, frequently vacuum all surfaces to collect what has been shed before it ends up in your nose, your food, and recirculated - if using low quality filters.
  2. That new chaise? You betcha. The Holiday Season typically means great holiday deals, right? What a better time to buy a new couch that you’ve been needing since last Christmas…four years ago. Before you swap out your old furniture, keep in mind what kind of materials you’ll be bringing back into your home. Some materials are treated with allergy-causing chemicals that are especially irritating over winter months while outdoor ventilation is low.
  3. Firewood and Stoves. If you have one, then you know how cozy your fireplace is to warm up next to in the cold, snowy months. But little might you know how greatly it’s affecting your indoor air quality if you don’t have a quality air filter. Some firewood is treated to help it burn more efficiently; however, when it burns it releases those chemicals into the air—in addition to the smoke it creates. You can minimalize this pollutant by contacting Aireman Filtration for a quality energy saving air filter and save you money on your next heating and electricity bills.
  4. Guests and Holiday Decorations. The winter season is the most decorative time of the year. Every year around this time, families begin breaking out their old holiday decorations. And like most families, the boxes upon boxes are stored down in the basement, up in the attic, or an old storage room—the most dusty and mold-prone areas of your home. Bringing them out only releases those year-long accumulated irritants into your cheerful holiday air. Most people will tell you plants and a real Christmas tree will release oxygen and help naturally purify your air. As that may be true, bringing in a real tree may also trigger a person’s allergies, as they can contain mold spores and pollen. Contact Aireman Filtration to discuss how we can help you keep your indoor air quality at a maximum and your loved ones safe this holiday season.