Here are 4 steps to prepare your HVAC and guarantee a cool summer:


1. Clean in and around both your indoor and outdoor units

Depending on your region, you may not have seen the ground since November (or maybe even October). Maybe you were good last fall and picked up the sticks and leaves, but that didn’t quite spare your HVAC from the elements. Clean any twig, leaves, acorns, or any other debris that might’ve found it’s way in the wrong places. Also be sure to clear any vegetation growth near the outdoor unit to ensure clear airflow.   


2. Replace the air filter

Dust, allergens, pollution, and pollen are just a few of the impurities your air filter protects you from. Over time, your filter become less and less affective as it accumulates the impurities. You should replace your air filter every three months. Keep it clean and your air will be clean. If it is time to replace the filter this month, there’s no reason to procrastinate.


3. Check your air conditioner for maintenance

I’m sure it’s been a while since you’ve turned on the cold air. For most people, cold air has been the enemy for months. Now it is time to reconcile your disdain and appreciate all of the good things your air conditioner will do for you throughout the hot summer. Turn your air on for a few minutes to make sure everything is in good shape. If you don’t notice a change in the temperature, you may need to arrange for some repairs.


4. Seal your ducts and any drafty areas

There are few things worse than the precious cool air seeping out into the heat of the outdoors. There are also few things more wasteful than leaky ducts. Make sure you seal your ducts, so that the cool air travels where you want it and nowhere else. Also check the insulation around your doors and windows to keep the cool air inside. No one wants to spend money to cool the temperature outdoors. It just doesn’t work. Save the energy and your money.