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Is The Air Inside Your Home Cleaner Than The Air Outside?

You would be forgiven for thinking this is a silly question and that the air in your home is obviously the cleanest. Surely the air outside - with all the exhaust fumes, factory waste and other pollutants – will be far less clean than the air inside your home, right?

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Here at Aireman Filtration, we are passionate about clean air, so we know how important choosing the right filter is. This is why we want to tell you you’d be wrong to assume all air filters are the same and that they will all work equally well for your home

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Now that Christmas is rapidly approaching, you are sure to start seeing more and more Christmas trees appearing throughout your neighbourhood, and you’re probably preparing to put your own tree up yourself.

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Impact Of Clean Air In The Workplace

We all know the importance of having clean air in our lives. From our homes to our cars, we all want to know we are breathing as clean a supply of air as we possibly can. 

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11/8/2017 11:10 AM By Brian Supple Clean Air, Whats New at Aireman Air Filters & Your Health

In today’s world, where energy bills seem to be set on an ever increasing scale and the cost of living seems to be getting higher and higher, we all want to know that we are getting the most out of our money. This is why it is especially important to make sure you change the air filter on your HVAC system as frequently as you need to.

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Most of us will have been advised at some point in our lives when we’ve felt a little under the weather: “you need to get some fresh air.” The health benefits of getting immersed in the fresh air of the great outdoors have been well documented, from aiding digestion to making you feel happier.

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9/1/2017 2:12 PM By Aireman Filters Whats New at Aireman Air Filters & Your Health

How Your Air Conditioner Can Harm You

For most people, it probably isn’t something you think about at all. Your air conditioner is there to make your home more pleasant and improve your quality of life. Luckily, this is usually the case but without proper maintenance, your air conditioner could become detrimental to your health.

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8/1/2017 4:16 PM By Aireman Filters Whats New at Aireman Air Filters & Your Health

No matter what, whenever you make a purchase you want to know that you’re getting the best value for money that you possibly can. Here at Aireman Filtration we believe that to be true about your air filter, because everybody deserves quality air in their home. So we’ve put together some advice for you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your air filter. 

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7/3/2017 11:24 AM By Aireman Filters Whats New at Aireman Air Filters & Your Health

Here are 4 steps to prepare your HVAC and guarantee a cool summer:  1.	Clean in and around both your indoor and outdoor units Depending on your region, you may not have seen the ground since November (or maybe even October). Maybe you were good last fall and picked up the sticks and leaves, but that didn’t quite spare your HVAC from the elements. Clean any twig, leaves, acorns, or any other debris that might’ve found it’s way in the wrong places. Also be sure to clear any vegetation growth near the outdoor unit to ensure clear airflow.     2.	Replace the air filter Dust, allergens, pollution, and pollen are just a few of the impurities your air filter protects you from. Over time, your filter become less and less affective as it accumulates the impurities. You should replace your air filter every three months. Keep it clean and your air will be clean. If it is time to replace the filter this month, there’s no reason to procrastinate.   3.	Check your air conditioner for maintenance  I’m sure it’s been a while since you’ve turned on the cold air. For most people, cold air has been the enemy for months. Now it is time to reconcile your disdain and appreciate all of the good things your air conditioner will do for you throughout the hot summer. Turn your air on for a few minutes to make sure everything is in good shape. If you don’t notice a change in the temperature, you may need to arrange for some repairs.  4.	Seal your ducts and any drafty areas There are few things worse than the precious cool air seeping out into the heat of the outdoors. There are also few things more wasteful than leaky ducts. Make sure you seal your ducts, so that the cool air travels where you want it and nowhere else. Also check the insulation around your doors and windows to keep the cool air inside. No one wants to spend money to cool the temperature outdoors. It just doesn’t work. Save the energy and your money.

Spring is finally here. If you’re tired of winter, raise your hand because you’re not alone. It may not be sweltering yet, but now is the time to turn the heat off and prep your HVAC for the cooling season. Like everything else, your HVAC has had a long ride through the harsh winter months. Not only is spring the perfect time to air out your home, clean out your cars, and pull out your shorts, but it’s also the perfect time to check up on your HVAC and prepare for a care-free summer.

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5/15/2017 10:05 AM By Aireman Filters Whats New at Aireman Air Filters & Your Health

Heating | Ventilation | Air Conditioning

Heating | Ventilation | Air Conditioning - Many homeowners know little to nothing about their HVAC system. Perhaps, some don’t know basic maintenance requirements or how to tell if their system is working properly, perhaps some don’t know exactly what HVAC system they have or what they should have. 

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4/21/2017 1:23 PM By Wingman1 Filter | Aireman Filtration Systems Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, HVAC, HVAC system, Whats New at Aireman Air Filters & Your Health
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