Air quality in your home is extremely imperative for you and your family for numerous reasons. The quality of air can cause several types of health problems as well as cause unpleasant odors. Here are a few ways you can improve the quality of air within your space for a healthier, happier home!

Filtration Station

So you’re trying to figure out how to change the air quality. The air filter plays a large role in how the air presents itself in your home. These types of filters alter the allergens and dander’s that you may not be able to see-but their presence is apparent.

Inspection, please!

Many homes and buildings have been contaminated with Asbestos; this harmful component has been shown to cause cancer among other harmful side effects. This component was used in the construction of buildings and homes before it was proven to have such adverse effects on humans. You should get an inspection to make sure your home doesn’t have any of this material in the existing structure.

Breathe freely

Ventilation is the key-try not to keep the pollutants in the air inside of your home. Make sure you have ventilation areas within your home-and open up your home every once in awhile to get some ‘fresh air’ to the spaces that are typically closed off. These areas can include closets, bathrooms with windows, and certainly any room that pets frequent. If you have a fan that can be placed on the ground, this may also help when airing out the house.

Plants aplenty

It’s true! While plants provide oxygen and other nutrients to our outdoor atmosphere, they can also provide fresh air for your home. While several plants are listed, one that is highly recommended is the areca palm-this particular palm generates vast amounts of oxygen. Nearly four of these plants per person occupying the space is suggested, it has been said that you will still receive the benefits by having a few of these plants around. Keep in mind, plants can act as filters and all of them give off oxygen!

The pros know

That’s right! Get a professional to come to your home and remove pollutants that you cannot retrieve with these simple actions. Take advantage of professionals who know how to retrieve and pick their brain-their skill set may provide some insight that you may have never thought of and help improve the air quality of your home for years to come.