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Let's Get Technical

An In-Depth Look at Our System

The Aireman Filtration System consists of a sturdy, hinged aluminum frame. This frame supports two epoxy powder coated aluminum screens. Inside are two special fiber collector pads, with a central aluminum screen separating the collector pads. The power head, which runs on 24 volts, supplies high voltage to the collector pads via the center screen. This generates a high value electrical field which transforms the special long-strand collector pads into a mass of polarized fibers which pull particles out of the air much like a powerful magnet attracts iron filings.

This process results in a filter that traps very small particles, including the respirable particles in the .3 - .5 micron range, while offering extremely low initial pressure drop. Maintenance is simple. The collector pads typically last for 3 months. When they are loaded with dust and debris, unplug the 24-volt cord from the power head. Remove the filter, open it and remove the dirty pads. Replace the pads with new ones, close the filter frame, replace it in the system and plug the power back in.


The Technology (How it Works)

Fiberglass is an electrical insulator (dielectric) that can be polarized by an electric field. When a dielectric is placed in an electric field, electric charges shift from their normal positions causing dielectric polarization. Because of dielectric polarization, positive charges are displaced toward the field and negative charges shift in the opposite direction.

Our filter induces a voltage to the center screen. The difference in voltage between the center screen and the outer screen polarizes the fiberglass molecules. The shifted electric charges within the fiberglass media pad provides an excellent location for oppositely charged dust particles to adhere.

The standard fiberglass filters supplied with most HVAC systems do not have the ability to remove the smallest particles. However, they do offer very low air flow restriction. The pleated fabric filters that are available provide some small particle removal. However, they create a significant air flow restriction (some, up to 35% less air flow). Our polarized media filters provide you the best of both - very low air flow restriction and they remove sub-micron particles.