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About us

about wingman1 and aireman filters

Life can be difficult - Home air filtration does not need to be.

The all in one filter solution

The use of technology made it possible for the Wingman1 to be the overall most efficient 1” filter available. Our 1” electronic air filter offers superior air flow while capturing harmful indoor air particles. The Wingman1 is an electronic air filter that can easily be installed by a homeowner without any expensive wiring or duct modification. 

Let your system breathe

The Wingman1 gives you increased indoor air quality while allowing your HVAC system to breathe. Pleated filters can help capture harmful indoor air particles but starve your ventilation system of air flow. This in turn, reduces its efficiency and increases your energy bill. Not only does your operating costs increase but the added load can create unnecessary wear and tear and costly repairs.

“I always forget to change my filter”

Keeping up with home maintenance can be troublesome. No more trips to your local home improvement store or remembering what filter size you need. We deliver Wingman1 replacement pads to your mailbox on a schedule that you choose. Forgetting to change your furnace filter can create unnecessary repairs, furnace inefficiency and poor indoor air quality. Let Aireman Filtration remind you by delivering replacement pads to your mailbox when its time.

We remember so you don’t have to

Our auto-ship service delivers replacement pads for your Wingman1 filter directly to your door at a fraction of the cost of pleated filters. Our easy checkout allows you to manage your replacement filter pad deliveries and suspend or cancel at any time. When your replacement pads show up in your mail box you know it’s time to replace the existing ones without a troublesome trip to the home improvement store.

Aireman Filtration was created to end the sacrifice homeowners make to improve their indoor air quality. Have you ever removed your dirty pleated filter and recognized the bowing affect that occurred during operation? This is due to the restrictive nature of a pleated filter for air to pass through. Our goal is to offer an affordable air filter with low air flow resistance and increased particle attraction. 

We strive to help homeowners by delivering affordable replacement pads in their mailbox.