Most of us will have been advised at some point in our lives when we’ve felt a little under the weather: “you need to get some fresh air.” The health benefits of getting immersed in the fresh air of the great outdoors have been well documented, from aiding digestion to making you feel happier.

But were you aware that ensuring you’re breathing clean quality air at home carries numerous health benefits as well? In case you weren’t aware, we at Aireman Filtration have found 6 benefits of having an air filter in your home below:

1. Less allergen in the air

One of the main benefits of breathing clean air, especially in your home, is the removal of allergens from the air you breathe in. Pollen and mold spores could be present in the unfiltered air in your home, causing the uncomfortable symptoms of hay fever. Ensuring you have an air filter, such as an Aireman filtration Wingman 1, means you will be breathing in as few of these allergens as possible.  

2. Improved conditions for asthmatics

As well as removing unwanted allergens from the air, an indoor air purifier will also help to greatly reduce the amount of dust and irritants breathed in. If you suffer from asthma or similar respiratory conditions, having an air filter in your home can work wonders helping to improve your condition.

3. Reduce risk of heart disease

It is a sad truth that heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. Living in areas with particularly high levels of air pollution - from sources such as vehicle emissions and windblown dust – can cause a number of health issues, including cardiovascular conditions, according to the American Heart Association. Luckily, having a good air filter in your home will make sure you won’t be breathing in these pollutants while you’re there.

4. Increased happiness and well being

Similar to the way you can feel better if you take a walk and get some fresh air, maintaining a supply of clean air in your home can leave you feeling happier and healthier overall. A recent study has shown a link between quality of air and “overall happiness” in over a dozen countries.

In addition to this, researchers have found that there may be a link between air quality and mental health, particularly in the young.

 5. Increased lifespan potential

We all want to feel like we’re living the best lifestyle to ensure we’ll have the most time to stop and smell the roses along the way. Studies have shown that maintaining a high quality of air intake has the potential to increase your life expectancy by as much as five months!

6. It’s better for your lungs

Breathing clean air can not only help benefit your health in the long and short term, it is also just  nicer than breathing polluted air. Filtering the dust and particles out of the air makes it less irritating to breathe in, and helps to maintain the health of your lungs by making sure they are exposed to as few outside particles as possible.